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Home Boarding Template Packs


Our English pack follows the DEFRA standard requirements for Home Boarding and Home Day Care.   We are happy to offer a pack for home boarders in Wales or Scotland on request, these take a little more customisation as the local authorities do not follow a standard guidance template, however we are happy to help write a pack that meets the requirements of your local council. 

Documents within the pack:


A PROCEDURE MANUAL template.  This is around 150 questions that make you think about your business from the perspective of the new guidance and helps you to make a statement about every subject that DEFRA have a view on.  It is structured into a handbook format and has headings and subjects grouped together already.  Whilst a little bit daunting to get started, lots of the answers are written in the DEFRA guidance itself, so you just need to tick off the guidance as you go.  You are already doing most of these things (as they are common sense) but DEFRA want a ‘handbook’ to prove that you understand the rules, and also for someone to follow and look after the dogs if (God forbid) something happens and you cannot be at home as planned.

A SERVICE AGREEMENT and client policies for you to tweak or amend to suit your business.  This covers many of the mandatory consents.  The instructions on how to make ‘find’ and ‘replace’ quick updates on the agreement are on our Facebook page.

​​There are the following forms that cover all of the DEFRA requirements written into the guidance in terms of consent. 

They are all ready to go, they just need your logo and your company name:

  • REGISTRATION FORM including consents

  • BOOKING FORM for boarding including and inventory list

  • HOLIDAY CHECKLIST for owners (to help them remember what to pack)

  • A WELFARE LOG for recording behavioural, medical and general issues 

  • A NEW DOG ASSESSMENT FORM for trial assessments


  • A master DOG REGISTER


  • A HEALTHCARE statement template

  • A RISK ASSESSMENT template

  • There are also some OPTIONAL VERSIONS OF FORMS for those who do a lot of day care and for those who aren’t keen on spreadsheets.



What isn’t in the pack:

  • The floor plan of your house.  I can draw these for an additional fee if you want to send through a rough drawing with measurements, but most people find a house for sale on Rightmove and pinch the floorplan… adjusting to make it match their house exactly.

  • Your CV of relevant experience, list of training completed or method of proving your knowledge and experience.  I am happy to look your CV over once complete, and will give pointers if it needs padding out.

  • Appraisal and training record forms for staff.

How do I pay for template packs and documents?

I will send you an invoice that contains my bank details so that you can pay by bank transfer.  I am often in and out with my own day care and boarding dogs, so feel free to send me a message when you have paid and I will pop back into the office and get them out to you as soon as possible.  

How do I pay for hourly services such as Virtual Assistant?

When we discuss the work that you require, I will give you an estimate of the time that I will need to complete it.  It is just an estimate and not a quote, but it will give you an idea of how much the work will cost.  I will then send you an invoice for half of the estimated time, to get us started.  Once payment is received (bank transfer if preferred) I will make a start with your work.  I will then send an invoice at the end of every document, at the end of every day or the end of every week as per our agreed plan.  

“Hello Vicky, I want to give a massive thank you , I got a 4 star rating I'm so pleased. Just a few minor tweaks that was all. I couldn't of done without your help, thank you so much."  TD 10/02/23

Hi Vicky, just wanted to let you know my licence came in and I got 4 stars 😄 I’m so happy! Wouldn’t have been able to do this without you thank you so much"  

EVP 09/02/23

"Hello Vicky, Thank you so much for the pack. It looks brilliant and I’m now looking forward to completing it rather than feeling overwhelmed." KD 28/01/23 

"Thanks Vicky. I'm so glad I found your pack online. I'd never have known all this was involved/necessary...." KS 21/01/23

I was successful in my boarding inspection and she commented on how much work I had done in the procedure manual so thank you for that!!"  LS 07/05/2022

This is AMAZING! Thank you SO much. Wonderful wonderful help. (And a genius business idea to set this up - great work!). 

Thank you, really appreciate it."  RM 13/05/2022

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for supplying the templates and the advice that you gave.  Following our inspection we were given a 5 star rating which is a massive improvement from previously.  This is testament to the templates, which we followed dilligently and the inspector recognised the hard work and gave a 5 star award.  The phone has not stopped and we are looking forward to a positive year in building the home boarding side of our business."  JS, Stafford

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your dog boarding pack.  I had my licence inspection today and and am being given a 4 star licence!  the inspector commented on my paperwork and how organised and prepared I was, and that's thanks to you for sharing.”

CM, Reading

“Thank you so much for the paperwork.  Our inspector has given us 4 stars due to being a new business and said that we are 5 stars but cannot give that to us as this stage."  VV, Romford

“Thank you!  Ifound the risk assessment and the policies really helpful."  LE, South Molton

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