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Dog Home Boarding for Smaller Breeds

We understand that it can be difficult to leave your dog when you go away on holiday or on business, especially if they are young, nervous or elderly.  We can take care of your dog in our home and treat them like one of the family, leaving you worry free while you are away.  Your dog will be able to have many of the same creature comforts that they are used to at home, and will also have the added benefit of our dogs for company during their stay.


For additional reassurance, a daily email, text or message can be provided if you would like to keep in touch with your dog while you are away.  Your dog’s regular routine is followed as much as possible and daily walks are free of charge; however as part of the family, your dog will come with us if we are having a day out at the woods or at the beach.  

To make sure that your dog is completely happy when staying with us, at least one overnight trial run is required before you book your main trip, especially if they have not stayed in a home boarding environment before.  Trial visits will help your peace of mind, and will allow you to relax while you are away.

Home Boarding Licence: 22/00218/AWRHOM 

Dog Home Boarder Fleet

For dogs 10kg and under

Dog Home Boarder Farnborough

Home Boarding Rates

Price per day / per neutered adult dog (over 12 months):

Waggy Days 4 Dogs Day Care Cove, Fleet, Farnborough

Weekdays: £36

Short stay weekends (per dog):       

+£10 per day (where available)

For bookings of 7 days or more, the weekend rate does not apply.

Puppies up to 12months:            +£5 per day

Intact adults over 12 months:   +£5 per day

Dog Home Boarding is charged per day and a day begins at 7:30am.

The minimum charge for Home Boarding is the full rate for 2 days, the day of arrival and the day of departure.

Other Information

​Home Boarding priority is given to our regular Day Care customers. 


Earliest drop off is 7:30am and latest pick up on the last day is 7:45pm.  


Waggy Days 4 Dogs has been issued an Animal Boarding Establishment Licence through Rushmoor Borough Council, which determines the number of dogs (by size) that can be boarded at our premises.  Please Contact Us for further information.

Dog Home Boarder Cove
Puppy Home Boarding Farnborough

Please note that for Home Boarding periods which include a Public Holiday, the Public Holiday is charged at time and a half.  For bookings over Christmas and New Year further charges apply, please ask for details.


Please note that Home Boarding is only suitable for dogs that are calm and comfortable in the company of other dogs, and that settle easily in home environment.  Dogs that bark excessively or mark indoors are not suitable for Home Boarding.  For the safety of all, dogs must be crate trained to a small degree (we use crates in our vehicle) and be happy to sleep overnight separated from other guests.

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